Elystial.net is officially closed.

When I was younger and I started this whole website to provide web resources, I said to myself I would never give up on it. I remember being really sad whenever a web designer that I looked up to and was inspired by closed down their website and I said I would never do that to my own website... But as you get older, you realize life happens and there are a bunch of different reasons as to why people can't keep up with updating their web-resource websites. I haven't been able to update elystial with new content for over two years... Mainly because of school because I was literally taking classes all year round: fall, spring, and summer. But also because I did lose my motivation and inspiration to create anything. I've never been very artistically creative... so going into photoshop and designing things wasn't really my forte. My favorite part about having web-resource site was coding the layouts and such. Eventually I stopped creating layouts in photoshop all together, and I would look around online to find free web templates and I would take all the images and I would code my own wordpress theme. Of course design credit went to the original creator.

Elystial.net is expiring in June 2014. I have several other websites hosted under this domain, but instead of renewing this domain, I figured it was time to retire the whole graphic resource hobby of mine and purchase new domains for my other websites.

If necessary to keep in contact with me, feel free to shoot me an email: krisaell@gmail.com

- Kristy/Mya